Our passion for wakesurfing inspired us to find a way to make the perfect wave. We wanted to create a gadget that would turn a wake to a gnarly wave, something that would perform exceptionally without having to break the bank. The Device by Savage Waves is just that.

Get the perfect wave every time with The Device by Savage Waves!

The Device

Introducing The Device

The Device is every surfers dream, transforming the average wake into an exceptional wave!

Our product is proudly manufactured in America and utilizes Marine HDPE and stainless steel screws. We love our boat and we know you do too, so we knew we needed to find the most effective way of attaching it without damaging the hull. Which brings us back to 1941, when Velcro was invented (you’re welcome for the win on your next trivia game with that fact) and as you might guess, Velcro is what is used to adhere The Device to the hull. Surfing conditions vary across regions and to accommodate for that, our product is UV protected and corrosion resistant.

As if that’s not enough, check out this before and after video. Can you say: consistent wave, universal fit, and no listing?