We met Mike and the Savage Waves crew during a surf session on Lake Pleasant. Mike took the time to help us dial in the wake on our 1999 Tige 2100V and let us try out their prototype surf wedge. We were able to get a great surf wave comparable if not better than the Ronix 8.3 shaper we currently use. We struggle to keep our Ronix secured to the boat hull due to the irregular shape so having an option to customize the surf wedge to match the hull would be a big plus!
Great product, and great guys!!!

Brandon A.

I have been surfing for over five years and after modifying several boats, I found the this device to be the easiest to install for peak performance. The device quickly and readily attaches to create a bigger, better, and consistent surf. I was also able to easily contact the manufacturer for assistance in weight positioning to obtain the best wake. In addition to being the designers, the staff at Savage Waves are also surfers!

Jeff H.

As a beginner to the surfing world, my first experiences were on a MasterCraft Wakeboarding boat which produced a decent but inconsistent wave. We would have to spend lots of time adjusting the weight in both the front and the back and even at times having to reposition our friends to all sit where we needed weight the most! Once we began using the device by Savage Waves, that entire process was eliminated and we literally got the perfect wave, EVERY TIME! With the time saved on making the weight adjustments and ease of adhering the device to the side of the boat (even the Velcro strips were provided), we were able to spend more time doing what we love best, SURFING!!

Nat G.

Surfing is my thing! Originally from Michigan, I began surfing more than 6 years ago and as a boat owner, have tried numerous ways to improve the wave and get optimal results out of my boat, my surf, and the surfing abilities of others. The device designed by Savage Waves is nothing short of amazing! It’s easy to attach, stays in place, and produces a killer wave every time. What’s also great is that for those that surf goofy foot, just attach the Velcro and move the device to the opposite side. It’s literally that simple, this is definitely a product worth purchasing.

Graham M.

Both myself and my 8-year-old daughter Rachael have surfed using the device made by Savage Waves and I can honestly say that this device makes a much larger wave when surfing behind the boat and enables the surfer to ride the wave out much longer. On my daughters first try, she was able to get up on the surf board and stay out on the wave! You can see a noticeable difference by using the device than without using the device. I highly recommend using the device by Savage Waves to have a much more enjoyable time surfing as it is great for any experienced or inexperienced surfer.

Lindsay I.

I’ve been surfing for the last two years and ever since we added Savage Waves device I fell in love with the sport all over again. Prior to using this product we spent so much time situating the boat, balancing the weight only to have a mediocre wave. Now we simply attach The Device to the side, throw it in gear and go! It’s the perfect wave every time! It creates long barrels to ride in on and an incredible curl to carve and throw a few tricks!

Steff S.

Where has this product been?! I started using the Savage Waves surf device this past summer and will never go back to surfing without it! What an insane difference between the wave with and without the device. It makes surfing fun for both novice and experienced riders. We attach the device to the side of the boat with Velcro, it’s an easy install and with no damage to the boat. I have a few friends that ride goofy so we move it to the other side and they’re now able to ride toe side. The wave is consistent with the perfect curl every time. The Savage Waves team was quick to provide tips so I would have the best surfing experience.

Ryan S.